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  • Amazon makes 43% of all online sales
  • 1 adult on 4 uses Amazon Prime
  • Amazon sends 13.7 million packages per day
  • Nearly 2 billion people visit Amazon every month and 52% of them buy
  • The total marketing capitalization or market share value of Amazon stock is $669.8 billion
  • Amazon employs over 117,000 workers worldwide
  • More than half of the products sold worldwide were sold by third-party sellers using the Amazon selling platform.
  • Their average daily sales are just over $410 million
  • which means they sell an average of over $17 million per hour

Amazon Global Market

The reality is that a great product is not enough. We can launch your product in the Amazon market and accelerate quickly and without risk to damage the brand. This fast-growth opportunity is often lost in the traditional market.

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